OSKA Canada - Sustainability


To consume only that which grows back: That is the original meaning of the term sustainability.

It is not a surprise that it has its origin in forestry:

In 1713 Hans Carl von Carlowitz first used it in his work "Sylvicultura oeconomica". In it, he explored the question of how the conservation and cultivation of wood should be done, so that there is a continuous, consistent and sustainable use. This responsible use of natural resources is the foundation of our beliefs.

Value in every field

We define the term "quality" broadly: for our product, our customers, our suppliers and our employees.

Sustainable = Durable

So what does sustainability mean for OSKA? First and foremost, that we produce fashion that is durable. Materials and workmanship are of high quality and will not lose their fit and beauty even after the third season.

We make clothes that are timeless and will please our customers through to the next season and beyond.

Our design is based on continuity. It is inspired by trends, but remains true to itself. It can be combined in many ways. Our customers should be able to create their own distinctive look.

Competence and creativity can only develop over many years of partnership and cooperation face to face. The OSKA design team focuses on sustainability in its relationships with external producers. We have been working with a number of companies since of the 1998 when OSKA was founded.

Often it is family businesses in the second or third generation. Our European partners enable us to keep distances short and have a positive CO2 balance with low logistics costs.

Our two subsidiaries in the Czech Republic have been the linchpin of our production for many years. Well-trained specialists are present in all areas, with knowledge of the product and its character. They know its requirements and master this challenge reliably, flexibly and successfully. This is how we realise our core values: Fashion that is sustainable in its message and product quality.

Saving resources is a constant process. In our dyeing plant in the Czech Republic we have been working with low-temperature technology for several years.

In this way we can save up to 50% of the water and energy during the dyeing process. By reusing the waste heat generated and using solar panels, we are able to heat our building complexes and supply them with green electricity.

Fairness - our foundation

From the idea to the delivery of the goods, many employees work with passion, craftsmanship and attention to detail on every item of clothing to make it your favourite piece.

Fair treatment of our employees and partners is so self-evident for us that we don't talk about it much. We simply adhere to the basic rules of human interaction and working together.

Fair since 1998, we have never lived that differently in our 20-year history. These trusting relationships are the basis for everything we do.

Zero Waste - down to the last detail...

Minimising waste has allowed us to become creative. Starting this season you will also be able to purchase unusual cushions made from our high-quality boiled wool.

Rethinking step by step - Our Shops

Environmentally friendly packaging for the delivery of our collections is of particular concern to us. This year we have completely dispensed with the use of plastic outer packaging and plastic hangers for delivery to our OSKA shops.

The conversion to LED technology in our OSKA stores has led to an energy saving of around 60%.